Boasting a legacy spanning 25 years, Alpha-H stands as a trailblazing skincare brand at the forefront of harnessing the potential of glycolic acid and other accelerating acids.

Presently, Alpha-H’s focal point is empowering clinics to tap into the contemporary omnichannel shopping trends that traverse both the retail and clinic realms.

Alpha-H is readily accessible through a diverse array of retailers, including Adore Beauty, Active Skin, Mecca, Myer, Sephora, Sephora NZ, TVSN, and Skinmart.

This strategic approach harmonises seamlessly with the brand’s overarching vision, centered around providing a comprehensive 360-degree expedition for clients in their pursuit of healthy skin.

This journey is deeply rooted in an intimate comprehension of clients’ shopping behaviours, needs, and skincare inclinations.

Tina Randello, Alpha-H’s Chief Commercial Officer, observes that the distinctions between omnichannel shopping experiences are progressively fading. The demarcations blur between virtual and physical store visits, as well as between retail spaces and clinics.

“We know great skin health combines regular in-clinic treatments with consistent at-home product use. As one of a small group of brands that straddle both [retail and clinic] segments of the market, it’s our intention to leverage this position for the benefit of our retailers, clinics and customers,” she said.

Having previously worked together, Alpha-H and BLC – now under new leadership – have partnered again with the intent of growing the clinic channel with progressive thinking and a modern approach to skin health and wellness.

“We believe this partnership is more than just a step forward for Alpha H and our BLC professional partners as it represents a more collaborative, mutually valuable relationship that will benefit the skin clinic and ultimately their customers,” says Alison Navarrete, Head of Marketing for BLC.

“Consumers continue to become more educated and demand more clinical-quality skincare, therefore delivering premium skincare products via a therapist is therefore the way forward.”

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