Amouage, the luxury fragrance house, has added a new scent named Love Delight to its esteemed Secret Garden collection. The collection, which debuted in 2016, is celebrated for encapsulating modern femininity and now welcomes this latest creation as a testament to the brand’s commitment to creativity and innovation in perfumery.

Ethan Archer, National Training Manager at Agence de Parfum, announced at the launch: “The Secret Garden Collection by Amouage, introduced in 2016, now boasts four distinctive perfumes. Each fragrance is meticulously crafted to embody the essence of modern femininity through an innovative pairing of gourmand and floral notes.”

Gourmand fragrances, known for their synthetic edible notes like honey, chocolate, vanilla, or candy, bring a unique and indulgent dimension to the collection.

Renaud Salmon, Amouage’s Chief Creative Officer, and Pascal Gaurin, Vice President Senior Perfumer, drew inspiration from the rich flavours of Arabian sweets to create the ‘Honey Glazed Pastry’ accord for Love Delight. This novel scent, combined with the floral note of Heliotrope, known for its warm almond scent, positions Love Delight as a shining new addition to the Secret Garden saga.

Love Delight captivates with an effervescent mix of Ginger and Cinnamon, further enriched by the introduction of Rose Water, an ingredient making its debut in an Amouage fragrance. The scent evolves to reveal a heart of Heliotrope, Jasmine, and Rose, culminating in a base that weaves together Vanilla Bean, Cocoa, and Rum absolutes with Cypriol, creating a harmonious balance of brightness and depth.

Complementing the launch of Love Delight, the Secret Garden Collection’s flacons have undergone a redesign, now featuring a matte color palette and a soft-touch ceramic coating. This update not only enhances the tactile experience but also aligns with the collection’s inspiration drawn from nature.

With the introduction of Love Delight, Amouage continues to explore the facets of femininity, alongside the other members of the collection: Lilac Love, Blossom Love, and Love Tuberose. Each scent in the collection offers a unique perspective on womanhood, blending the edible with the floral in a celebration of contemporary femininity and the art of perfumery.

Images from the launch event below. Photography: Shayben Moussa.

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