In 2010, Amouage’s Library Collection emerged as the canvas for daring fragrances, each a testament to Omani High Perfumery’s innovation.

From Opus V – Woods Symphony to Opus XIV – Royal Tobacco, these scents embodied concepts of knowledge, seduction, and empowerment.

Renaud Salmon, Amouage’s Chief Creative Officer, found inspiration in surrealism’s power to defy expectations. He linked this with the Salon De Mayo’s mission to democratise high art, resulting in a collaboration with perfumers Alexis Grugeon and Hamid Merati-Kashani to create Opus XV – King Blue.

“I asked the perfumers to compose a scent with an opening that would not reveal anything about its conclusion – a scent that would develop as a complete surprise – but would also feel totally right and correct coming from a perfume house that is so proud of its Omani heritage. In other words, a perfume that would feel unexpected and yet entirely comfortable in its setting and surroundings. Alexis and Hamid rose to the challenge brilliantly,” Salmon said.

Opus XV – King Blue is a fragrance of mysteries, unexpected twists, and untamed passion. It commences with vibrant mandarin, pink pepper, and blackcurrant before metamorphosing into a bold oud base.

  • Perfumers: Alexis Grugeon and Hamid Merati-Kashani
  • Olfactory Family: Fruity ambery woody
  • Ageing: 10 weeks (5 weeks maturation + 5 weeks maceration)
  • Concentration: Eau de parfum containing 35% pure perfume oils

To celebrate the latest launch from the luxury fragrance house, media and influencers were invited to an intimate fragrance experience at McRae Bar, Capella Sydney.

Fragrance expert and author Michael Edwards and Michael Marzano, National Training Manager for Agence de Parfum, the Australian distributor of Amouage,  spoke about the composition of the fragrance, explaining that this is an oud unlike any that Amouage has released before.

It is almost ferociously animalic, and when linked to the patchouli, frankincense and  sandalwood in the composition, it growls on the wearer’s skin with untamed, primordial passion.

Images from the launch event below. Photos by Si Kirk.

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