Summer is here!  Look your Summer-best with ARTDECO’s new collection of beautifully presented and affordably priced bronzing products.

Sold in 65 countries globally and made in Germany, ARTDECO’s products are mostly vegan and contain anti-ageing skin care ingredients which make them perfect for sensitive skin.

This collection includes these new products:

  • Perfect Color Lipstick  –  2 new colours  –  $24.95 RRP
  • Hot Chili Lip Booster  –  1 new colour  –  $29.95 RRP
  • Volume Sensation Mascara LIMITED EDITION  –  black  –  $32.95 RRP
  • Sensitive Fine Liner  –  2 new colours  –  $22.95 RRP
  • High Performance Eyeshadodow Stylo  –  4 new colours  –  $25.95 RRP
  • Bronzing Blush LIMITED EDITION  –  $44.95 RRP
  • Glow Bronzer LIMITED EDITION  –  $44.95 RRP

Discover the entire range of products in ARTDECO’s bronzing collection at

ARTDECO retail packages start from $2,100 ex GST and delivery.

What makes ARTDECO unique?

Much of the ARTDECO range has refillable packaging, saving customers money and reducing packaging waste.  Our packaging is made sustainably from recycled plastic.

To learn more ARTDECO products, please visit

Who Distributes ARTDECO?

ARTDECO is distributed by United Brands Australia (UBA).  To learn more about UBA and our brands, please visit or contact the team at UBA by calling 1300 55 29 24 or email

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