Makeup and fragrances may be hard-hit by the coronavirus crisis as more workers operate from home.

But there have been growth areas as women of all ages return to DIY beauty treatments because of social distancing.

In the US and Australia, online shopping has been given a shot-in-the-arm because of store closures.

Stackline, the retail intelligence specialist, compiled a list of 100 fastest growing and declining categories in the US e-commerce market.

Five beauty-related categories were included in the fastest-growing list and none appeared in the fastest-declining rankings.

1) Soap and hand washes – up 194 per cent

2) Hair colourants – up 115 per cent

3) Nail care – up 108 per cent

4) Skincare – up 99 per cent

5) Body lotion – up 79 per cent

The same categories are on an upward trajectory in Australia.

Pharmacy chains are the number one retailers of beauty and personal care and remain open as essential businesses.

But online beauty sales have also surged for market leaders such as Priceline, led by hair colourants, nail polish, moisturisers, anti-acne and sensitive skin products.

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