For increasing numbers of women the ingredients of skincare products have become as much of an issue as efficacy. The Olive Oil Skincare Company has gone beyond the ‘liquid gold’ central to its name and uses 100 per cent extra virgin olive oil to add a touch of luxury to its affordably-priced body, face and hair products. The fact that the sought-after natural skincare specialist is completely Australian-owned rounds out the list of the four things that matter most to many women of all ages when looking for skincare – superior moisturising benefits, value, natural ingredients and locally-made.

Olive oil has been used to boost health and beauty for millennia and fans of the Olive Oil Skin Company include much-loved celebrities such as Pia Miller, Sally Obermeder and Isabelle Cornish. Full of antioxidants and Vitamins E and K, it also absorbs quickly, doesn’t clog pores and helps lock moisture into the skin. But in spite of its ancient heritage, the palette of products that use olive oil as a base has grown significantly. The new Zetox range from the Olive Oil Skincare Company is at the cutting edge of innovation, combining natural vegan-friendly skincare with anti-pollution benefits.


The Asia/Pacific region, led by China, is the global hotspot of anti-pollution claims, with new launches of soap and bath, hair and skincare products increasing by more than 50 per cent over the past five years, reports Mintel. But the trend is also growing strongly globally, says the researcher, as women in Australia, Europe and the US, especially Millennials and Gen Zers, identify pollution as having a major impact on their looks.

To maximise sales and growth, says Tracy Schembri, National Sales Manager for the Olive Oil Skincare Company, our Zetox range teams the regenerating properties of olive oil with the detoxifying power of zeolite, a naturally-occurring mineral which helps to draw out chemicals, toxins and impurities from the skin.

Pollutants and heavy metals in the atmosphere not only lead to blackheads and pimples, but also cause wrinkles and dehydration. Zeolite has a unique honeycomb structure which has been scientifically proven to act as a molecular sieve to remove pollutants and purify the skin, adds Schembri. “The target customer is just about anyone who has to commute to work in heavy traffic, works in an air-conditioned office or is in close proximity to smokers. Zetox has a clear point-of-difference as the only complete zeolite skincare range available in the local market and is formulated from natural minerals sourced from volcanic soils in Australia”.

Pollution can damage the skin around the clock from top-to-toe. The Zetox range includes a facial cleanser, face mist, face lotion, night cream, hand-crafted soap, a body scrub, a body wash and body lotion. To tap into the global craze for face masks, the Zetox all-natural sheet mask contains zeolite, aloe vera, green tea herbal extract and colloidal silver to detoxify and protect the skin, partnered with argan oil and vitamin E to saturate the skin with moisture. Later this year we will be launching the Zetox detox mask for oily and blemish-prone skin to remove excess oil, restore pH balance and refine enlarged pores, says Schembri.


Even though the Olive Oil Skincare Company has built up a formidable reputation in Australia and Asia, notably China, our core strategy is focused on expanding business opportunities across pharmacy, health stores, online, salons and boutiques, says Schembri. “We are all about service to retailers and build solid relationships based on on-going service and continuous back-up”.

When we open in a pharmacy, we offer merchandising, second-to-none experience based on in-store events, blended training and regular contact with management and staff to keep pharmacy assistants and other key employees up to date on all things olive oil through ingredient-focused campaigns, she adds. “We also have an incentive program for stores who achieve nominated sales in the month, where staff can select Olive Oil Skincare products for their achievement”.

Our opening parcels are very affordable, ranging from $500 to $1500, adds Schembri. “They include timber props, olive branches and other collateral in keeping with our “Natural Green Beauty” theme. We also offer full-size testers and gift bags for customers; and GWPs every quarter to offer consumers the opportunity to trial products when they purchase products from the range”.


There are 51 SKUs in the Olive Oil Skincare Company’s iconic lineup and with only a handful of exceptions they are priced from $8.99 to $29.99. Our brand is affordable and suitable for the whole family, says Schembri. “When it comes to ingredients or products, we believe less is more. We also provide further education to retailers and their staff to enable them to sell our products with confidence and certainty”.

The unscented products are made from 100 per cent saponified extra virgin olive oil from Australian olive groves, she says “The oil is of such exceptional quality. Pure essential oils are added to scented products according to ethical sourcing practices. All of our products are free from additives and contain no artificial fragrance or agents of any kind, in line with the growing demand for beauty and personal care products made with high-quality ingredients and without chemicals”.

The Olive Oil Skincare Company’s range is already comprehensive, featuring body washes, body butters, hand-crafted soaps, facial scrub, moisturisers, a face wash, cleansing oil, lip balm, hand creams, hand washes, shampoos and conditioners. “We offer truly beneficial products at the right price, addressing the needs of customers while improving the profit margin of our retail partners, says Schembri. “They are also inventively packaged and easy to use”.


Tracy Schembri, National Sales Manager Olive Oil Skincare Company

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