The number of Chinese consumers buying beauty supplements doubled from 2017 to 2019.

According to Alibaba, the Chinese online giant, beauty supplements are the fastest-growing category in the health and wellness sector on Tmall.

The three most in-demand benefits are anti-ageing, brightening and hydration.

There has also been a rise in searches for supplements addressing the major concerns about hair health from growth to thickening, notably among males.

The top six countries selling supplements cross-border on Tmall are Australia, New Zealand, Japan, France, Germany and the US.

Australian brands, Swisse and Bio Island, enjoy top five cross-border rankings on Tmall.

Other trending supplements include Vitamin C and D and probiotics, as Chinese consumers link their value to overall, not just gut health.

Collagen, grapeseed and enzyme supplements are popular among consumers aged 25 to 30 for their anti-ageing and beauty benefits.

Probiotics, omega-3 and  glucosamine are increasingly sought after by the over-30s for their immunity and anti-ageing claims.

Gen Zers are also part of the mix, says Alibaba, with a strong focus on energy drinks, gummy vitamins and keto-related products for weight management.

The majority of customers on Tmall are female and many regularly buy cosmetic and fashion items. They are also increasingly looking for premiumisation and are willing to spend over US$100 on supplements they think are worth the money.

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