Shopper Media has become Australia’s largest growth online business in only four years.

The latest SMI data has revealed that the Sydney-based business reported the third-largest growth of any media company in dollar terms after the leading global players, Google and Facebook.

The company’s portfolio includes 370 retail centres nationally, accessing 10.8 million Australian shoppers each month.

Australians are seasoned bargain hunters at all times.

But Shopper Media’s EOFY Shopper Study findings report that more than half of Aussie shoppers (57%) are on the lookout for end-of-financial-year bargains.

The online survey of 3072 consumers nationwide confirms Shopper Media’s research that the shopping experience itself, rather than the actual purchase, is a powerful lure.

Respondents revealed that personal goods offered the most retail therapy pleasure.

Clothing, shoes and accessories were the most likely categories to produce a feeling of instant reward – 23 per cent.

Beauty and health filled the second slot, followed by electronics, office supplies, toys and video games – all at 18 per cent.

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