The global beauty industry has become a leader in upping its ethical and sustainability credentials.

Hardly a week goes by without one of the leading multinationals announcing  a new corporate initiative to reduce its carbon footprint.

Such eco-efforts are on the money regarding the sentiments of Australian consumers, says a new report from CouriersPlease (CP), the leading parcel delivery service.

The research reveals that 87 per cent of respondents are more likely to buy products that are ethically or sustainably sourced.

An equally high number – 85 per cent – would like retailers and brands to be more transparent about their products and supply chains.

NSW is the leading state in the shift to conscious consumerism, adds CP, with 87 per cent wanting more information about ethical and sustainable sourcing, followed by Queensland (85%) and the ACT (68%).

Importantly, according to the survey, 41 per cent of Australian shoppers are willing to pay more for ethical and sustainable products. Women are more likely to hold this view – 46 per cent – by contrast to men – 36 Per cent.

Young consumers aged 30 or under are more eager to buy more ethical or sustainable products – 46 per cent – as opposed to 34 per cent of the over-50s.

 “Our research reveals that Australians are becoming more conscious shoppers and are starting to make more considered choices by seeking and purchasing products that are sustainably and ethically produced,” says Paul Roper, chief commercial officer for CouriersPlease.

“This is an important incentive for retailers to embark on sustainable initiatives within their own operations and supply chain.”

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