The global women’s intimate care products market is poised for substantial growth, with market research firm Future Market Insights projecting its value to surge from an estimated US$28.9  billion ($45.1 billion) in 2023 to an impressive US$43 billion ($67.1 billion)  by 2033. The forecast is based on a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of four per cent during these ten years.

Women’s intimate care products currently command a substantial 19  per cent share in the broader skincare market. The increasing preference for organic and natural feminine hygiene products, including intimate washes, has contributed significantly to this growth.

Consumers are increasingly prioritising organic ingredients in intimate care products, reflecting growing awareness of the potential risks associated with the use of chemicals in women’s hygiene items.

This surge in consumer awareness extends to social media, where individuals are engaging in progressive discussions about women’s health, periods, and intimate care products.

Such discussions are contributing to an enhanced understanding of these subjects, resulting in an overall improvement in users’ lives.

In line with these trends, Barely Intimate Skincare recently made its debut at Chemist Warehouse. Barely’s mission is to empower individuals of all generations to embrace their body health and lifestyle choices, including an intimate skincare routine.

The brand is committed to providing solutions for women of all ages, from young girls embarking on their menstrual journey to those navigating various life changes, said Albina Reale, Chemist Warehouse National Category Manager – Fragrance and Beauty.

“Enjoy the journey with Barely, a brand that caters to women of all ages, from young girls just starting their periods to those facing various changes in life,” she said.

 Albina emphasised that Barely was tailored to address the unique needs of women, offering solutions to common issues while normalising these experiences. Barely is also committed to promoting environmental responsibility.

“All of its formulations are clean and free of harmful substances, and the brand employs sustainable and responsible packaging practices,” Albina said.

As the market continues to expand and evolve, it is expected that more brands like Barely will emerge to cater to the diverse needs of women while adhering to sustainable and clean product standards.

Images from the launch event below. Photographer: Scott Ehler.

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