Batiste Dry Shampoo sells seven cans every minute in Australia.

The brand has now dropped a game-changing addition to its dry shampoo range – the Batiste Overnight Deep Cleanse.

Consumers can say goodbye to waking up with greasy locks and hello to refreshed, revitalised hair.

Batiste Overnight Deep Cleanse is specially formulated to work its magic by eliminating excess oil and impurities that build up during the day  while sleeping.

Thanks to its unique blend of charcoal and baking soda, it detoxifies the hair overnight, which means   less time styling in the morning and more time hitting the snooze button.

Research conducted by Batiste reveals that taking care of hair before bed is a self-care essential and the Overnight Deep Cleanse contains soothing notes of jasmine, patchouli, and orange blossom.

Batiste Brand Manager Helen Feeney said: “Our innovative dry shampoo is the perfect addition to your night time routine. Sleep easy thanks to its relaxing fragrance and secure in the knowledge that Batiste Overnight Deep Cleanse will be getting to work while you rest. Spend less time on your morning routine and more time looking and feeling fabulous.”

Batiste Brand Ambassador and Director of Fuchs Hair, Alex Fuchs, said: “Using dry shampoo before bed is my favourite dry shampoo tip. Batiste overnight Deep Cleanse is formulated to work the night shift while you sleep. Rise and shine to refreshed hair.”

Available from Coles from July 2023, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse & Woolworths from October 2023.

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