Google ‘Vitamin C supplements and collagen’ and you’ll find almost 53,000 results.  Both vitamin C and collagen are among the hottest topics in beauty and anti-ageing skincare right now.  But like Bollinger and Passion Pop, there’s a massive difference between quality and how they work for YOU.  That’s why Beauty Boosters Collagen-C is getting such rave reviews from customers – the 1000mg inside each Collagen-C tablet means skin gets a super-dose of vitamin C.  And why’s that important?  Because collagen production decreases with age.

Beauty Boosters’ high content of vitamin C*, working with amino acids Proline and Glycine, means skin is noticeably and effectively restored, plumped, regenerated and looks more youthful.

  • Optimising your own collagen production means plump skin with a youthful natural glow.
  • Collagen reverses the signs of ageing by plumping the skin and restoring loss of elasticity

Why should we take vitamin C?

Beauty starts from within and no amount of topicals will solve skin concerns completely. Supplementation is the first step in a modern beauty routine to achieve optimum outward results.

  • Daily use of Collagen-C is easily incorporated into a skincare routine and perfect for time conscious women and men.
  • Vitamin C also reflects free radicals so building up a high dose of vitamin C in the body is also perfect during winter to fight off catching colds.

Made in Australia | Gluten free | Vegan | No added lactose or dairy products

Available in Myer stores nationwide and online alongside your luxury skincare brands.

* Most supplements contain just 250g of vitamin C

Feature image: @beautyboostersaustralia

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