Product knowledge is crucial for beauty advisors as it empowers them to offer excellent customer service, build trust, and make informed recommendations, ultimately benefiting both customers and the brands they represent.

Retail Beauty caught up with three team members from First Impressions Event​s,  a boutique promotional agency that provide the cosmetic and fragrance industry with highly experienced, business oriented consultants, to find out: “What are some ways you improve your product knowledge?”

Faye Khamis 

I keep abreast of what is happening in the beauty industry by reading retail beauty magazines, following many beauty influencers to see what’s trending globally and keep my inhouse education current from product fact sheets available through clients.

Guler Vural

I improve my product knowledge by learning about the brand and the ingredients that would be in their products and by attending client training sessions.  I also test the product on myself in order to recommend to customers. 

Tracy Jones

I keep up-to-date on clients’ products by reviewing their Fact Sheets and researching on the internet. I also attend client training sessions which allows me to fully understand the ‘product story’, which assists in successful promotion and selling.

This article was first published in the Spring issue of Retail Beauty.

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