Many studies and surveys extrapolate from small samples.

But Kantar Worldpanel uses data from 52 countries, representing 74 per cent of global markets, for its annual Top 50 FMCG rankings across multiple industries.

The main criteria is most chosen rather than dollar revenues and beauty and personal care fill many of the top 10 slots.

According to Benjamin Cawthray, global thought leadership director for Kantar, the world’s leading evidence-based insights and consultancy company: “This has been the strongest year for global brands since we started doing the Brand Footprint.”

More global shopping baskets are filled with mega-brand names, reveals the report.

Global brands, selling in two or more continents, now account for one in three brand choices worldwide.

Four major personal care brands were included in the top 10 – Colgate (No. 2), Lifebuoy (No.5), Sunsilk (No.7) and Dove (No.8)

Lux, Head & Shoulders, Nivea, Palmolive, Pantene and Pepsodent were the next six highest ranking personal care brands.

The world’s five biggest manufacturers in beauty and personal care – Unilever, P&G, L’Oréal, Colgate-Palmolive and Johnson & Johnson – collectively represent 31 per cent of the global spend in beauty and personal care, says Kantar.

The percentage is higher in Europe – 49 per cent – where the number one personal care brand is Nivea.

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