It’s always great to see an Aussie brand shine on the international beauty stage.

Cue a round of applause for Bondi Boost.

The home grown haircare brand, that is free from parabens, free from sulphates, free from DEA and cruelty-free, has made the top 10 list of beauty brands to have seen the biggest increase in popularity in 2019.

In fact, the hugely instagrammable brand came in at an impressive number four on the prestigious list.

The study, conducted by Cosmetify, utilised  Google Trends data to reveal which brands and products had made a big impact in 2019.

It analysed the percentage change in searches for terms and brand for 2018 – 2019, with Bondi Boost revealing an impressive 114 percent increase.

One of our  favourite products from the brand, apart from the shampoo and conditioner, is the extremely tasty Hair Growth Support Gummies that taste like red jellies, but are made from natural flavours and colours from raspberry, black currant and carrot juice concentrates.

Best of all, they are formulated with ingredients to support hair growth.

But back to beauty.

To make it easy for you, we’ve pulled together a gallery for the top 5 Beauty brands on the rise.

Happy viewing.

(All images sourced from Instagram.)

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