We all know tanning mitts are a must for tan to be evenly distributed and to keep hands stain free.

But the latest in tan application has evolved – say hello to the Bondi Sands Body Brush.

This body brush is the latest self tan accessory set to ensure a flawless finish
every time.

Densely packed with soft, synthetic bristles, the Body Brush seamlessly blends lotions, foams and mists for an ultimate streak free finish.

Suitable for use with all tanning products including  lotions, foams and mists, the Body Brush is perfect for self tan application to large areas of the body, or to blend and buff for smooth results.

The ergonomic brush handle sits comfortably in the hand for ease
of use and total application control.

The Bondi Sands Body Brush is available at Priceline and Chemist


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