Icy Ling. Photo: instagram.com/icybutterfly.

After checking on my Instagram style, I heard one  of my clients/followers comment – ‘icybutterfly… she is either super well paid, or she is born rich…’

I am neither super well paid nor born rich! I just happen to know what to shop for and how to shop. But again, I wasn’t born with this… I learned a lot of it from my job. I write fashion and beauty for magazines. I have to be able to gather the best list of reasons behind each of my purchase decisions (specifically on expensive stuff!).

Luxury-shopping philosophies, here are some of mine:

There is nothing wrong with being sophisticated. But don’t overemphasise the brand names. It’s not necessary to own a big logo to prove its quality. The prices we have paid do include the brand’s reputation. Others don’t have to know that, don’t show-off.

Invest in those pieces you need the most and use more often! I admire those who spend on luxurious lingerie and dish-ware, because these items are daily essentials. Just because we need to renew our mascaras all the time, doesn’t mean we should buy cheaper ones. At least, I don’t shop in this way. Take some time to hear the stories behind each product you buy, the design, the innovation, the craftsmanship. Spend money on things you will appreciate.

Don’t be the slave of what you bought. If I have to get a new brush while buying a new foundation, I will possibly give up that foundation. Trust me, most designer brands won’t make us shop like this. We don’t have to buy a matching lipstick in order for a blush to look good on us.

Not all designer products are expensive. Not all market products are inferior. While shopping, we are paying for the positives of each product while ignoring their disadvantages. To me, luxury shopping means we are paying a higher price to minimise the disadvantages of an item. Try, feel, touch, enjoy, create memory… have an ownership of the product, it means a lot to you and you have an emotional connection… don’t you think these considerations and attachments are far more important to us than having something bought purely on price? I do – enjoy!

This article was first published in issue 63 of esprit.

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