Amongst all the beauty products available in the world, we will still always have our ‘can’t live without’ products and boy, do they get us excited!

It could be the texture, shade, a nuance or the way it wears – many things make a product our personal favourite. The thought of it no longer existing is terrifying, but it makes us so happy every time we use it. We don’t think about it not being available, only how good it works for us, until the next hero product comes along…


I want you to think about your absolute favourite product right now! A particular eye shadow? A primer that just gives such a beautiful result? Maybe that amazing new moisturiser your skin loves or that mascara that gives your lashes the false-lash effect…? Think back to when you first saw, or heard about this product… Was it love at first sight, or did you have to use it a few times and get used to it? Or did you see results and then love it? However it happened, once it became your go-to product of choice you probably told your friends and customers about it and shared the excitement of your results so much so, they are now using it, or at least tried it, to see if it works just as successfully on themselves.


Word of mouth testimonials work so well, as they are genuine and there’s an element of excitement to the storytelling; sharing someone’s experience, especially when it’s a product and it performs as it is sold to you. Your storytelling to a friend, colleague or family member is very truthful, because it comes from your genuine passion for the product and you want that person to also have a great experience/results with a product. This is just how the Blogger originally started, especially in beauty, as it was enthusiastic, honest, genuine testimonials, not driven by marketing and not focused on sales…its was simply telling your friends, in the public domain, with truthful experiences, good or bad. Consumers want honest testimonials. They seek out ‘what’s in it for me?’ and enjoy that beauty buzz excitement when talking about new products. Here are some YouTube stats* to  think about…

•  In 2017 there were more than 88 billion beauty videos on YouTube, growing from “only” 55 billion in 2016, according to Statista

•  Every month YouTube registers more than 700 million views, of beautyrelated content *digitalsurgeons 2018

•  86%** of the top 200 beauty videos on YouTube were made by creators  (vs. branded or professional content). **Nielsen/Carat/YouTube branded video study, May 2017


The reason why Bloggers and now Vloggers have so much power with sales of beauty is in one part, their honesty in product efficacy, but also their ability to bring excitement to product storytelling. If you love a product, share the excitement. Tell your customers ALL about it. And show them. Why not? You’ve got nothing to lose, and their enthusiasm (and sales) to gain. If you love the way a product performs perfectly to how it is sold, then share the excitement. If you think back to your Top 3-5 ‘Can’t live without’ products, your absolute faves, I bet you have shared your love and excitement of the product(s) to many people.


Be the storyteller you would want to engage with if you were the consumer listening in. Bring excitement to the retail floor and show consumers they can get that same level of hype and buzz they see online, but this way it’s in real time and you can show them exactly why you just love it so much. Lose the robotic, salesperson nature and be the beauty lover that drew you into the industry in the first place, sharing the love of beauty to all – your new results will speak for themselves! I love the way it always draws in customers. See how it works for you, too!

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