Bulldog Skincare has become the first cruelty-free brand to be sold in China.

Due to a ground-breaking agreement between Cruelty Free International (CFI), Shanghai Fengpu Industrial Park, Oriental Beauty Valley, and Knudsen & CRC, the men’s skincare brand can maintain its international cruelty-free accreditation and still be distributed in China.

This means that Bulldog products will not be subjected to animal testing despite the Chinese law requiring products to be tested.

Products will instead be manufactured in the UK, filled in at the Fengxian Manufacturing Zone, and then sold in the municipality of Shanghai.

Founder of Bulldog Skincare Simon Duffy: “Even with the temptation of the huge Chinese market, we decided that we would never compromise our stance on animal testing. It is fantastic that this scheme has allowed us to enter mainland China while maintaining our cruelty-free status. We hope the success of this scheme will pave the way for more international cruelty-free brands to sell there.”

This is a huge win for CFI who strive to rid the world of animal testing.

The Leaping Bunny accreditation is a globally recognised symbol verifying that a product is not tested on animals.

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