During Sydney’s spectacular VIVID visual feast beauty specialist agency HYLAND, led by founder Virginia Hyland, celebrated the support of the media industry in bringing their clients closer to the customer.

HYLAND invited media executives from across the industry to both thank them and look forward to the year ahead. Guests were delighted to be welcomed aboard Sydney’s newest superyacht, The Wolf, to enjoy the spectacular lights of Vivid. Virginia said “our relationships with the media industry are as critical to us as those we enjoy with our clients. As an agency that promises to get closer to the customer, we rely on the insight behind and content delivered by your valuable media channels every day. We have enormous respect for our media partners and without you would not be able to achieve the results we do for the clients we represent. You are our friends and biggest supporters”.

You’ll see the way esprit Magazine Australia works with Virginia and her team with all the COTY brand advertising and advertorials we create each issue … and every issue since launching in 2004! So…Thank You, right back, HYLAND!

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