3-4 June 2020, Amsterdam

Fancy a trip to Amsterdam in June 2020? The Dutch city is synonymous with environmentalism. It is a certified Sharing City* and advocates using what’s already there rather than fuelling a throw-away culture.

A fitting venue for The CosmeticsDesign Summit 2020 which delivers an exclusive insight on horizon opportunities and challenges facing our retail beauty industry on getting Clean & Ethical Beauty right. Attendees will hear from industry thought-leaders, consumer experts, innovative brands and big retail about what it takes to succeed and dig into the science that could shape the future.

The Summit will bring together a wealth of like-minded industry professionals to debunk, discuss, learn and network on the ins and outs around the consumer buzz that is Clean & Ethical beauty.

Themes include:

  • Consumer trends and a market overview of Clean & Ethical Beauty
  • Clean & Ethical formulation and what the science says
  • Marketing and claims overview in today’s regulatory climate
  • Research and development in the field
  • The digital and retail landscape for Clean & Ethical Beauty
  • The future of Clean & Ethical Beauty
For more information, hop on the website.

*Sharing City Alliance

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