Working as a Beauty Assistant in pharmacy or a department store, as trained expert skin therapists – skin consultations are the most important step to ensuring your clients’ skincare needs and expectations are met.

Gina Cook – National Training Manager, Ella Baché shares her methods on building customer trust through skin consultations. It’s all about expert diagnosis of the skin, she says, reminding us, as Madame Baché said: “Know your product but first know your skin”, a philosophy and mantra that runs deep through our core beliefs in attaining the best results. A thorough consultation reveals your customers’ skin type, conditions and concerns and allows the correct treatment and product plans to be created.

One of the most common skin concerns that affects all skin types and skin conditions is dehydration which can cause or accelerate further conditions such as sensitivity, dull lacklustre skin, ageing and stripped, oily problematic skin – just to name a few. Consultations reveal a lot about your client, what product they are using or not using, their lifestyle and general factors that are having effects on the health of their skin.

Ella Baché Skin Solutions are a 3-step process.

1. Seasonal skin diagnosis – the skin changes seasonally so a change in skincare needs to be assessed.
2. Treatment plans – will follow on from the diagnosis and a unique plan will be made for each client.
3. Essential homecare – to support both the diagnosis and treatment in achieving and maintaining results.

During consultations we set goals to aim for the best possible results. In summer numerous clients present with signs of dehydration, caused by many factors including increased UV exposure, water intake, lifestyle, skincare regime and more. For these clients, a series of facials with the incorporation of Microdermabrasion – ‘Reveal My Good Side with Micro’ and ‘Help me Hydrate’ are the perfect treatments to build the skin’s resilience to moisture loss and help fix dehydrated skin, leaving skin looking hydrated, plump and brighter. We’ll then offer specific and targeted homecare products and treatments that can be done at home and will give your client the perfect Skin Solution.

As therapists we need to provide our clients with every opportunity to maximise their skin results. Presenting your client with a prepared skin solution will allow them to feel confident and in safe, expert hands!

New from Ella Baché

Moisture Shot

Hydra Jelly Moisture Shot is a pure water infusion that revives the moisture content in the skin without leaving any residue. Oily and combination skin types can suffer from extreme dehydration when skin is over cleansed. Dehydration can also heighten blocked pores as oil is trapped under the skin’s surface causing congestion, lesions etc.

All skin types require moisture and a healthy skin function barrier to restore luminosity and smoothness. This innovative jelly saturates the skin with water and a cocktail of hardworking ingredients including lentil – to smooth, strengthen and regenerate skin, making it the perfect ingredient to combat any scarring from skin breakouts. Antioxidants protect the skin against pollution, watermelon works to calm, reduce breakouts and stimulate circulation giving the skin radiance while also providing its high water content. This lightweight jelly formula delivers the benefits of the active ingredients into the skin to protect against moisture loss and pollution, delivering maximum skin results. RRP 50ml $89.00.

Skin Elixir

Hydra Cationic Serum is the latest innovation to offer consistent moisture levels in the skin. This new elixir has the ingredient technology to create a smooth skin tone and texture. Micro encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid penetrates deep in to the skin providing long lasting hydration while cationic technology works on the top layers of the skin to fill fine lines. The Thermal Spring water Liposomes replenish moisture and create a barrier on the top layer of the skin – making skin look fresh and glowing.

Thanks to its versatility and lightweight formula – the skin elixir can be applied over moisturiser and under makeup or can be applied throughout the day for moisture loss prevention. It’s an on-the-go, high tech beauty elixir of intense plumping ingredients for the skin to call on anytime. No matter how you use it, the results are instant and last all day. Skin is given a restorative glow, a luminous dewy finish and fine lines are blurred. RRP 50ml $69.00.

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