A beautiful new home for luxury beauty opened in Sydney last night (Tuesday Dec 10th). Looking every bit a world-class destination, David Jones’ ground floor Designer Accessories & Luxury Beauty hall blends super chic modernity with classic opulence. The aesthetics work to inspire the customer while the experiential atmosphere is to truly serve the customer. And that’s where the BAs bring their magic to the mix – their human touch connecting the customer with the products through bespoke consultations and tailored services.

Customer centricity is core to the store. Across the beauty offering, the ethic manifests in tempting interaction with products through human touch and high-tech tools.

The $200 million, multi-level refurbishment of DJ’s flagship store reinvents the 90-year-old building and offer a contemporary, inspiring retail experience that fosters community. From the champagne bar to the children’s’ department it’s all about destinations and experiences. Drawing people in on the ground floor luxury beauty, along with designer accessories, sits like a treasure trove ripe for discovery and entertainment.

There’s huge goodwill for DJs to pull off this ambitious promise. The traditional customer base is loyal but are there enough of them? Young brands are in the mix to attract a new, youthful customer. The tourist population will be critical to the equation, but by nature it ebbs and flows. With the magical will of Merlin the house is built for serving, surprising, cosseting and engaging its customer, while it’s the people working within who will bring the magic alive. The store experience focuses on enrighing people’s lives, countering the online offering.

Nic Criticos, David Jones’ Head of Store Design was tasked with working to develop not just a new look for the store’s future, but to create immersive and experiential shopping experiences.

The eponymous store was founded in 1838 by David Jones, a Welsh merchant and future politician after he emigrated to Australia. It is the oldest continuously operating department store in the world still trading under its original name.

Peter Playford – Country Manager, Puig Oceania – “We have been anticipating this for a while, but it was certainly worth the wait; the new David Jones Ground Floor is truly amazing. From the detail of the old lift doors above the new modern lifts, to the amazing brands that circle the perimeter of the hall work together to make this truly the flagship department store in Australia. The big challenge will be how the consumer shops this floor; will they be bamboozled by the flagship brands and spend all their money there or will they like the experience of the more open beauty counters so they can pass from brand to brand quite easily. I saw some very excited Beauty Advisors at the event last night and I think they will provide the renewed energy that this store has been needing for a while. Only time will tell but I have a feeling this David Jones Flagship will have a very big Christmas and that momentum should continue in to 2020 and beyond. Well done David Jones”.

Ali Shoraka – General Manager FOREO Oceania “It is so refreshing to see the Australian department store landscape evolving and progressing led by this spectacular project! David Jones has managed to balance the high service/high luxe environment with such beautiful ease of navigation along with a truly consumer centric design! I believe this unique project establishes David Jones Sydney city as a ‘must see’ destination for tourists as well as the locals seeking that extra bit of retailtainment”.

Dimi Kapotas – Brand Design Manager- David Jones – “It has been a thrilling, challenging and rewarding project! We worked hard ensuring a timeless design where the architecture works in harmony with the merchandise which is a unique balance given in most cases the two tend to fight against each other. We have achieved a beautiful balance between David Jones’s identity, Brands’ expression and ‘starification’ of products. I am delighted to see it coming to life and how we continue to surprise and delight our customers visiting this iconic store”.

Fiona Giovenco – Education Executive, La Mer and Jo Malone – “I love that the floor is self-navigational for the customer, and more interactive. Customers can grab spatulas and dip into pots and play at all the units. They can choose between a traditional consultation or a more self-immersive experience”.

Irene Robinson – GM Sisley – “I like that there are no canopies and that each brand has signage high up and easily visible, and consistent – it allows customers to find the brand they’re looking for, as well as explore, and it doesn’t feel closed in. Here we have Sisley’s first Hair Rituel Studio in Australia. The Hair Analyser is a very important part of the consultation – it’s a high-tech device and gives feedback on the health of the scalp and the hair, meaning our BAs can prescribe a regime and track progress with their customer”.

Belinda Besant – Training & Events Manager, La Prairie: “Luxury brands have to go beyond offering luxury products, it must be a luxury experience. On counter it’s all about pampering: all our Art of Perfection services, eye treatments, massage techniques, bespoke beauty consultations and we have deeper services in our suite (treatment rooms), with a dedicated beauty therapist”.

Bianca Costa – Store/Sales Manager, David Jones: “It’s so nice to have customers back in store and bring back some of David Jones’ history – our 70-year-old tradition of the Christmas choir starting back. We have the feature of the original lift doors, above the new ones and other historical features. For us it’s all about the customer obsession, our new counters have been built to create a more personalised experience with the open floor plan. Our unique floor caters for skincare, makeup, haircare and fragrances.

“Customers said it was a delight to walk back into ground floor!”

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