Australian beauty industry legend has it that Tony and Sharon Rechtman hatched their Total Beauty Network (TBN) plan over dinner, sketching it on a napkin. Their vision was clear: to produce affordable, high-quality cosmetics that rivalled premium brands with their Designer Brands (DB) Cosmetics brand. Fast forward 17 years, and DB Cosmetics  is  the number one makeup brand in community pharmacy nationwide in volume and value.

To mark this significant milestone, DB Cosmetics has unveiled a major rebranding campaign. The campaign introduces a new tagline, ‘Real Prospects, Real People, Real Prices,’  which encapsulates the brand’s core ethos of providing makeup that resonates with everyday consumers.

To take the spotlight in the campaign, eight victors were chosen from a pool of over 700 participants in the Bella x Designer Brands Cosmetics Unsigned Model Search. This competition welcomed individuals aged 18 and above, irrespective of their size, identity, ethnicity, or abilities.

The victorious models were  awarded modelling contracts with Bella Management and will take centre stage in DB Cosmetics’ campaign, ‘I Design Me.’

The campaign was unveiled at the launch event, coinciding with the announcement of the winners.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign, Tony said: “We had this idea that if we can develop a range of makeup that was of high quality and affordable, it could be a real game-changer for Australian women, and that’s exactly what we did. Today is all about showcasing our first major rebrand and a new campaign, with a whole new tagline that’s all about real prospects and real people prices.”

Amanda Connors, CMO of Total Beauty Network, said: “DB Cosmetics is the number one community cosmetics brand for real, everyday people and our community was the inspiration behind the brand-new Designer Brands campaign. I Design Me celebrates the wonderful diversity and authenticity of our customers and Australians more broadly and our beautiful winners are the perfect representation of that. We are so proud to have them star in our campaign.”

The eight winners that have become the faces of Designer Brands Cosmetics new campaign, I Design Me,  are as follows:

  • Alyssa McCluskey – 20-year-old health student from NSW
  • Katy Young – 57-year-old creative director and mum from NSW
  • Michael Sakinofsky – 22-year-old theatre performer from VIC
  • Eden Madebo – 22-year-old actor from VIC
  • Geegee Abernethy – 24-year-old set designer from VIC
  • Thilini Ekanayake – 25-year-old computer science student from VIC
  • Nardia Blackhall – 19-year-old high school graduate from QLD Alina Yukhymenko – 45-year-old fashion design student from QLD

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