Setting its skincare sights on health and care, Dermalogica created a signature routine for its show partners at MBFWA 2019. To soothe the rigours of Fashion Week for the models, Dermalogica designed a custom UltraCalming FaceFit (a signature 10-minute express treatment) to soothe and refresh models’ skin before they hit the runway. Skin is this year’s runway hero with makeup taking a backseat, and a dewy complexion stealing the show for Australia’s fashion new guard, Dermalogica’s partners, Matteau, Hansen & Gretel and Christopher Esber (while foundation is removed from the equation altogether).

Dermalogica’s Education Manager and MBFW Skin Director, Emma Hobson, discusses her approach to soothing the rigours of backstage beauty: “This week, we’re prepping the models’ skin for the runway. This year, the look is all about ‘clean’, healthy, glowing skin to complement the clothing and really let it shine. Understanding skin as well as the challenges models have, especially at Fashion Week. We know the skin can become sensitised very easily. So we designed a Dermalogica FaceFit treatment based around our UltraCalming range of products, which will instantly reduce redness and sensitisation, boost hydration, and increase vitality and glow”.

The 10-minute foundation-free FaceFit

01 precleanse balm
Perfect for the first cleanse. It removes the heaviest of
make-up quickly and efficiently.

02 ultracalmingTM cleanser
The second cleanse with a gentle, milky cleanser.

03 redness relief essence
Applied to instantly reduce redness. (New on counter July 2019.)

04 daily resurfacer
Exfoliates and polishes the skin for a smooth palette.

05 stress positive eye lift
We then move on to reducing any stress around the eyes, boosting moisture to relieve any dehydration lines. With gentle pressure, we massage this product into the eye area, helping relax the model before the big show.

06 barrier defense booster
Next, we seal and protect the skin with a fine layer of
Barrier Defense Booster.

07 prisma protect
Finally, we seal with our hydrating moisturiser with
sunscreen protection.

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