For many consumers, specialised skincare with medical backing has instant credibility. Long years of training and clinical observation give dermatologists a strong edge when it comes to serious anti-ageing and protection treatments that really work. Dr Daniel Lanzer saw a clear gap in the market and the idea of developing a game-changing skincare line targeting several major needs made sound sense. “But it had to be a revolutionary cosmeceutical range which delivered exceptional results backed by research”, he adds. 


One of the main differences between mainstream skincare and dermatologists’ ranges is the strength of ingredients. Dr Lanzer worked on the development of the groundbreaking D’Lumiere Esthetique lineup for nearly five years. “D’Lumiere is the first anti-ageing cosmeceutical collection that combines DNA repair enzymes with super-concentrated strengths of clinically proven active ingredients such as AHAs and Vitamin C to launch in the Australian market”

The unique point-of-difference of the D’Lumiere range is that it focuses on the source of premature ageing and sun damage on the skin, says Dr Lanzer. “Nobel Prize-winning research has proved that DNA within the skin cells can be repaired with the use of DNA repair enzymes. Over time, sun exposure causes oxidative stress which leads to the release of free radicals which accelerate aging and reduce the elasticity of the skin. D’Lumiere products contain a potent extract derived from the candle tree which protects and covers the nucleus and cells of the plant”.


Dr Lanzer’s mission to redefine skin rejuvenation and make a positive difference in people’s lives through the holistic use of targeted serums and creams has earned international recognition. Raktim Roy, Masters in Biology at Steitz Laboratory, Yale University, confirms: “I have analysed the new D’Lumiere range of skin products. From a scientist’s perspective, a DNA repair enzyme in a cosmeceutical product works by fighting the adversities of DNA damage that ultimately leads to ageing signs on the skin. Dr Lanzer’s range utilises the latest technology for a more youthful appearance”. 

High-end therapeutic positioning that’s matched by performance. People love the products and comments like – My skin has never looked better – have been a powerful springboard for referral, says Dr Lanzer.

“I spent a lot of time and invested a lot of passion in getting the textures right as well. Absorption is crucial for enhanced results and we have used liposomes, one of the most effective delivery systems used in skincare. The products not only make a dramatic difference, they are made in Australia and were designed and formulated for Australian conditions”.


My job as a doctor is to help people achieve the results they are looking for and this attitude extends to being an innovator in skincare, says Dr Lanzer. The D’Lumiere range was designed to go a step further and also offer good value for such high-quality products. The seven-item anti-ageing collection has been carefully curated for men and women of all ages and includes Age Defence Cream (Vit A) 1% and Antioxidant Serum (Vit C) 20%. 

Together with Day Defence Moisturiser SPF15+, Deep Purifying Cleanser, Lightening Essence Solution, AHA 20% Anti-Ageing Serum and AHA 20% Oily Skin Solution, major benefits of regular use depending on the skincare concern include reducing dullness and the appearance of wrinkles and treating pigmentation, congestion and scarring. They also help to reclaim a vibrant complexion – Lumiere means light in French – by reducing inflammation, strengthening the skin’s barrier function and stimulating collagen production.

The high-strength AHA products also help to treat conditions such as very dry skin, scaly skin, oiliness and enlarged pores. The D’Lumiere Esthetique range not only carries a dermatologist’s seal of approval, it also represents a vision of what true skin health, healing and repair can be.

Prices range from $70 to $120 and the range is available online at

For further information, contact:
Tel: +61 (3) 95008888

Dr Lanzer has a wide patient portfolio with clinics in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane that includes beauty editors and famous faces. One of the nation’s best-known cosmetic surgeons and skincare experts, he has introduced many first-to-market techniques and technological advances to Australia over the past 27 years, including tumescent liposuction. Recognised as a leader in his fields of expertise, Dr Lanzer is highly sought-after as an expert commentator by the media and has been featured on tv and in leading print publications more than 100 times.

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