Back in 1989, Elle Macpherson was given the nickname ‘The Body’ by Time magazine after appearing on their front cover. The entrepreneurial model then started to build a brand around body products, the body consciousness and body wellness. In 2014 she co-founded the business WelleCo, which specialises in health and wellness products including plant proteins and dietary supplements.

This issue, I was fortunate enough to sit down with the incredibly intelligent Elle – who was set to become a lawyer before her modelling career kicked off – to find out what  it took to go from  ‘The Body’ to successful businesswoman in the beauty and wellness space, page 40.

Another incredibly successful businesswoman I had the pleasure of meeting was Brianne West, Founder and CEO of Ethique, the world’s first zero-waste beauty brand. We met at Naturally Good expo, where Brianne spoke about the importance of purpose-driven companies, and how they are outperforming others in almost every way – from culture and talent hire, brand equity and even profit, page 74.

Competition at retail is tougher than ever before. Each week it seems there’s a new challenger brand jostling for shelf space. How do you get on shelf and stay there? Jessica Maree Gordoun, founder of Ranged,  has been on both sides of the table,  and understand the fundamentals of what it takes to make a brand successful in retail. Jessica shares her three golden rules to growing brands in retail,  page 68.

In June this year, the global mainstream media gave blanket coverage to the news that Revlon had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US. The Revlon Australia and New Zealand subsidiary had to spring into action to assure retailers and customers that the local arm of the heritage colour cosmetics brand was still doing very well indeed.  Elisabeth King chats to Tracey Raso, Managing Director of Revlon, Pacific Region, about the much-loved brand’s continuing dominance and success in both markets, page 18.

It seems as though these past few winter months have felt like a lifetime – but spring has finally sprung! We are celebrating the turn of the season with a focus on fragrance, particularly as Michael Edwards’ latest edition of Fragrances of the World is now out, page 48.

We also chat to Lotte Duty Free Fragrance Specialists, who share their top retail sales tips and tricks, page 52.

We have rounded up some of our top juices  for our fine fragrance photoshoot, page 46.

There’s so much more in this jam-packed issue I haven’t even begun to mention – the latest in eye creams, K-Beauty megatrends, what’s driving Australian retail  – we hope this issue of Retail Beauty will keep you reading for a long while!

Read the current issue of our digital magazine below:

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