This festive season, Ella Baché has partnered with emerging Melbourne-based artist Fern Siebler to bring to life a joyful, limited-edition collection of gift packs inspired by the sun-drenched summers, roaming landscapes and rich sunset colours that capture the essence of an Australian summer spent well.

The Illuminating Skin Collection, $85. contains:

  • Ultra-Nourishing Cream 50mL
  • Tomate Granule Free Micro Exfoliant 20mL
  • Strengthening Serum 15mL
  • Active Face Great SPF50+ 5mL

Designed to illuminate the complexion, the limited edition skincare gift packs has been designed for the perfect festive season glow up.

Also available:

•  Hydrating Skin Collection, $110 – Hydra Velvety Soft Cream 50mL, Hydra Cationic Elixir 15mL, Hydra Hyaluronic Cellular Serum 15mL, Active Face Great SPF50+ 5mL

•  Rejuvenating Skin Collection, $139 – Eternal+ Replenishing Day Cream 50mL, Eternal+ Regenerating Night Cream 20mL, Eternal+ Sculpting Serum 15mL, Active Face Great SPF50+

Gift wrapped in Fern Siebler’s flowing abstractions, the collection mirrors the fluidity and optimism of Australian horizons while capturing the hopeful spirit of the festive season.

Siebler says “while painting this piece, I was imagining a warm, blissful sunset. Light streaming through pure waters and a gentle breeze flitting between waves. Sandy feet after a day spent with family on the beach. It captures the joy of a perfect summers day.”

Limited-edition collections available at all Ella Baché salons, David Jones stores nationally and

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