Italian makeup is known for its high quality, luxurious formulas, and attention to detail. According to Polo Tecnologico della Cosmesi, 65 per cent of the makeup products sold around the world are produced in Italy.

Italian beauty brands often combine traditional techniques with modern innovation to create makeup products that are both effective and indulgent.

Espressoh Founder Chiara Cascella  sits down exclusively with Retail Beauty to share how her brand is a prime example of this European commitment to innovation and creativity.

How did Espressoh come about?

While working in product development in my previous corporate job (Chiara was previously Global Project Manager – L’Oréal Make up Designer Paris) I realised that 70 per cent of colour cosmetics are actually made in Italy and there was no Italian independent young brand with an international audience to represent our country. I jumped on this opportunity and crafted Espressoh!

What makes Espressoh unique?

Our approach to make-up – very simple and straightforward – combined with our communication based on authenticity and infused with some Italian culture – you get what you see, we don’t retouch photos, we try our best to include all ages and skin tones.

How does Espressoh appeal to Australian consumers?

We have had great feedback so far, Australian consumers love our simple approach to make-up and the Italian aspect of our brand!

Can you tell us about your partnership with Sephora?

Sephora is helping us reach consumers in some markets that would be hard to reach otherwise because of logistics constraints. We started our partnership during the pandemic as an online exclusive brand and we now have our top products displayed in store and hopefully will extend to B&M soon!

What business lessons have you learned? What advice can you share for budding brand makers?

Consistency is key for your branding, transparency towards your consumers will make your business solid!

What are the hero products in the range?

Glassy Blush at a global level is for sure our most unique formula, the A.B.C. Concealer is our best seller in our home country Italy.

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