Global sustainable beauty pioneer Ethique has released two brand new, concentrated bars scientifically formulated for wavy, curly and coily hair: Professor Curl solid shampoo and Curliosity solid conditioner and co-wash.

Developed in line with the Curly Girl Method, the unique power-packed duo offers a carefully curated blend of ingredients proven to protect and enhance curls.

The bars are 100% plastic-free, cruelty-free, vegan, palm-oil free, sustainably sourced and ethically traded. They’re also packaged in 100% certified home-compostable materials which can simply be popped into home compost bins or gardens to return nutrients to the earth.

Curliosity and Professor Curl.

As Ethique’s latest shower superheroes, both Curliosity and Professor Curl have been tested on all curl types to perfect their ability to reform luscious locks, and protect and promote soft, shiny, bouncy hair.

They’re free of waxes, silicones, sulfates and drying alcohols – ingredients often found in regular hair-care products but which can sometimes be drying or damaging for the moredelicate structure of curly hair strands.

Instead, the unique range is formulated with nourishing shea butter, organic and fair trade cocoa butter and conditioning, beet-derived betaine amongst other nourishing ingredients to efficiently care for, enhance and protect all kinds of curls.

For those who co-wash (wash with conditioner instead of shampoo), Curliosity solid conditioner also features jojoba and nourishing castor oil to ensure it gently cleanses without drying. The bars are also super long-lasting: a single 110g bar of Curliosity is the equivalent of nine bottles of liquid conditioner and more than 160 washes.

The brand recently achieved a climatepositive status, meaning that Ethique offsets 120% (more than they emit) of their net carbon emissions – a huge achievement for the beauty industry leaders.

“Professor Curl” solid shampoo (108g) $22 and “Curliosity” solid conditioner and cowash (110g) $25 are available now online in Australia and New Zealand.

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