The DermAbsolu range by Eau Thermale Avène.

“At Eau Thermale Avène, specialist care brand for sensitive skin, we believe in helping women be their best selves, rather than trying to transform them. It is not about refusing to age, rather to make the most of it, embracing the signs of ageing. In our continuous effort to expand our understanding of skin ageing, Avène created, DermAbsolu”.

Avène studied the needs of women in their 50s.

Two out of three women, over 50 years of age, claim to be enjoying life more than ever*. She is active, accomplished and liberated, and is not thinking about the signs of ageing but more to the future…the signs of living. This is an ‘expert’ consumer who shops actively in Pharmacy, and values advice from the Pharmacist and/or the Pharmacy Team.

Pharmacy Training

Janis McNicholas – Avène Training Manager

Avène is committed to training its Pharmacy partners in this innovative range. Key is to help them identify the needs and wants of (new and or existing Dermo-cosmetic) customers over 50, through different customer profiles and assist them in exploring and recommending a complete Avène care ritual for their needs, to gain loyalty and win trust.

Inspire Your Customers

Detail the efficacy, sensory appeal and modernity of Avène DermAbsolu to provide a customised solution to women living their mature years, to create a youthful complexion. Backed by Pharmaceutical expertise, the range is designed to nourish, restore firmness and fight sagging.

Your Expert Advice

As experts in the field of skin ageing, our researchers at Pierre Fabre Laboratories discovered a close correlation between cellular senescence and inflamm-ageing. This connection results in accelerated skin ageing and, consequently, a loss of firmness, sagging skin and increased skin dryness. We developed an original trio of patented active ingredients with complementary and synergistic anti-ageing properties: SYTENOL*– also known by its chemical name Bakuchiol, is extracted from the leaves of the Babchi plant (Psoralea corylifolia) used in Ayurvedic & Chinese medicine for its antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Bakuchiol is also used in cosmetics for its anti-ageing properties and is the first natural alternative to retinol. Bakuchiol is photostable, meaning that it can be used during the day and is well tolerated on sensitive skin; VANILLA POLYPHENOLS – extracted from Tahitian Vanilla, known as Hyaluronic acid protectors; and GLYCOLEOL – an essential skin lipid precursor for intense nourishment, boosted with naturally soothing and anti-irritating Avène Thermal Spring Water.


Avène DermAbsolu range comprises four products. Each sophisticated formula has good tolerance and high concentrations of active ingredients, as well as textures offering a diverse range of sensory experiences.

The Recontouring Serum “serum-in-oil” skincare combines the comfort of an oil with a light, highly concentrated, non-greasy and quick absorbing texture, with an illuminating effect thanks to pearlescent agents. To be applied in the morning or evening, its delicate fragrance makes it an absolute pleasure to use. Skin is redensified, toned and luminous. Facial contours are visibly resculpted.

The Defining Day Cream redensifies and smooths the skin, while the Comforting Night Balm, with its luxurious cocoon texture, intensely nourishes the skin to help it regenerate through the night. The Youth Eye Cream, has a unique metallic massage applicator with an instant cooling refreshing effect, reduces puffiness, dark circles and smooths and lifts the eye contour.

Avène DermAbsolu is delicately fragranced with notes of Jasmine, Violet and Rose, enhanced by the intensity of musk and cashmere wood (hypoallergenic).

Each formula is preserved in high-tech packaging (airless jar, self-filling auto dropper, tube with massage tip, etc.), designed with the end consumer in mind, ultimately modern and actives carefully selected, that evoke care, positivity and trust.

Complement DermAbsolu with Avène Essential Care Cleanser, Avène Thermal Spring Water, and complete the ritual with Avène Sun Care.

*Elastic Generation study: The Female Edit, Dec 2017, UK

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