Eylure Pro Magnetic Lashes

Moving with the times is the mantra at false lash leader, Eylure. The makeup artist created brand launched in 1947 by the Aylott brothers, Eric and David, whose aim was to add allure to the eyes. Hence Eylure.

The lashes went on to define the look of  ‘60 celebrities Twiggy and Dusty Springfield…and then on to a myriad more, including Victoria Beckham and now Chloe Morello, who has recently collaborated on an edited collection with names inspired by exotic locations: Milan, Capri and Positano.

Eylure Pro Magnetic Faux Mink Volume lashes and magnetic liner

Today the pointy end of lash innovation is with magnetics. Leaving the glue in the drawer, the application relies on magnetic eyeliner. The ProMagnetic Lash Eyeliner allows the user to adhere their magnetic lashes with a kind of ‘latch-on’ technique. Two to three coats of the eyeliner is applied, in the same way as an eyeliner is drawn on to the eyelid.

Once it is dry the magnetic lash is applied directly onto the magnetising liner. It is a long lasting, smudge proof formula that’s easy to use and safe for daily wears.

There are three Faux Mink lash styles.

Pro Magnetic Accent Lashes

A ¾ lash that will lift the outer corners of the eye,  for a bright eyed and beautiful effect.

Pro Magnetic Wispy Lashes

A tapered lash designed for elongating the eye and achieving the elusive cat eye effect.

Pro Magnetic Volume Lashes

A crisscrossed lash with a soft fluffy finish.

RRP $29.99 – on sale 11th of November, exclusive to Priceline Online.

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