Maha Corbett and Sally Obermeder.

Sally Obermeder and Maha Corbett, the co-founders of SWIISH, recently  celebrated a significant milestone as their wellness range debuted in 460 Priceline stores across the nation. This achievement marks SWIISH’s most extensive retail launch to date and highlight’s the brand’s dedication to offering widespread accessibility to consumers. Retail Beauty sat down with Sally to delve into the brand’s promising future endeavors.

What’s the inspiration behind SWIISH, and what’s the core mission?

I received a Stage 3 Breast Cancer diagnosis just before my first child’s birth, with a grim prognosis. During chemo, uncertain of my survival, I called Maha, my sister and SWIISH co-founder, and said, ‘If I survive, let’s start a business that helps people feel amazing, healthy, and strong.’ I didn’t know how or what, just that I wanted to do it. Eighteen months into my recovery, I began consuming large amounts of greens to rebuild my ravaged body. Cancer treatment had taken a toll, leaving me with hair loss, ulcers, weight gain, and more. The greens aided in my recovery, but I wished for a better-tasting green powder to add to water, as existing options were unpalatable. That’s how Supergreens was born, now our best-seller, offering a unique taste. SWIISH’s mission is to help everyone feel amazing with easy and effective solutions. We believe well-being shouldn’t be complicated; we handle the hard work. All you need to do is incorporate our products into your daily routine. Our joy comes from witnessing countless lives improved by our wellness solutions, motivating us to continue creating industry-leading products.

What makes SWIISH products stand out in the wellness market?

SWIISH stands out because we are leaders not followers. We have been at the forefront of wellness since we started. We launched Supergreens when there were almost no others, we launched Glow Collagen before anyone had heard of collagen and now we have launched an Australian first  – NRC + Resveratol – a cutting edge product which cements our position as being at the new frontier of anti-aging and longevity.

Can you share the key highlights of SWIISH’s wellness supplements and their development process?

Our focus is always on solutions. We know our customers are driven to look after themselves so they can live the life they want in a way where they thrive,  not just survive. And to do that, wellness both physical and mental is key. Since we launched our wellness range in 2016 we’ve garnered a global community of devoted customers and have seen a 400 per cent increase in revenue and product subscriptions. Product launches regularly sell out and we’ve seen waiting lists in the thousands for the Hair + Metabolism and Peri + Meno Relief supplements. We have both focused and invested heavily into research and development and as a bootstrapped brand this has been challenging at times but also exciting as we have not let this slow us down. Innovation in the category with our consumer in mind is key to SWIISH. The consumer relies on us to bring to them the newest, most advanced solutions to key wellness concerns. Producing NRC + Resveratrol took us over two years to formulate and bring to life. It is an Australian first and  reiterates that SWIISH is at the forefront of anti-ageing and longevity.

How did the collaboration with Priceline come about, and why is it significant?

For us, there was no other retail partner. Priceline is aligned with our values. The accessibility they offer to our customers is exceptional, and the staff in Priceline stores are well-known for their friendliness, helpfulness, and knowledge. And with a wellness brand this is critical. People have questions and we knew that with Priceline they would be in very capable hands.

What are the business objectives with the expansion into Priceline?

Our aim is to give customers a bricks and mortar experience and to also propel the growth of SWIISH into new channels. We set a goal this year to invest equally into a retail partner as we do in DTC. With Priceline we anticipate rapid growth as consumers get to experience the benefits of our ingestible range. We are continuously working on new product development and our goal continues to be to provide high performance formulations at an accessible price.

How has SWIISH built a loyal customer base and maintained brand alignment?

At our core we are a heart led, science backed brand – we show and share with our community not just how to use our SWIISH products but also the best way they can improve their wellness across a range of areas – from recipes to guided meditation to interviews with other experts. We have a presence across multiple platforms – Instagram, Tik Tok, edms, founder letters  – all directly connecting us to our community. In addition we are very active with consumer events and activations so that we can give our community the full SWIISH experience. We are accessible to our community who feel as connected to us as we do to them. 

This article was first published in the Summer issue of Retail Beauty:

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