Nude by Nature’s New Foundation Delivers What Women Want – Flawless Coverage, Natural and Premium!

With its new complexion makeup duo – Flawless Collection Liquid Foundation and Concealer – Nude by Nature is planning to win converts. Foundation is the most brand-loyal category on the market and has the highest repeat purchase percentages, says Lucile Papon, New Product Development Manager for Australia’s No.1 mineral makeup brand.

If you hit it right, it’s like a best-selling fragrance, she says. “Many women are resistant to changing foundation brands as it’s such a loyal category. Our new Flawless Liquid Foundation has been developed with high performance in mind to reach out to those new customers. As a brand, naturalness has always been in our DNA but it does not mean that we compromise on efficacy.” 


Skincare-inspired benefits are in high demand among today’s foundation users as the lines continue to blur between facial makeup and skincare. Anti-ageing and moisturising claims top the list, especially among more mature consumers, but a high proportion of women of all ages are looking for makeup that helps them create the look of flawless skin. Nude by Nature has built a formidable reputation as a complexion brand, but we’re over-indexed in powders, says Papon. “We currently have one mineral liquid foundation in the range. It’s sheer with light to medium coverage and has climbed to number five in the market with little promotion. It will remain in our portfolio, but such success has shown us that Nude by Nature has huge potential in the fast-growing liquid foundation sector”. 

Its best-selling mineral powders are the bedrock of the Nude by Nature range and the new Flawless Liquid Foundation was designed to draw new customers to the brand, says Papon. “It’s our biggest launch to date. The oil-free and fragrance-free formula was two-and-a-half years in development and multiple versions were tried and tested. We have also tested it against leading mass and prestige competitors in the market and the results have been incredible for an all-natural product. We don’t use silicones, fragrances or synthetic dyes and the finely-milled pigments create a second-skin finish. Better still, the hero ingredients deliver key protection and antioxidant benefits that are good for the skin”. 


The hero visual for the new foundation underlines the brand’s core message – There’s Nothing More Natural. A mission statement that echoes the findings of a US report by market researcher GutCheck – Natural and Premium Foundation: Agile Attitudes and Usage Study. Over 50 per cent of consumers buy foundation because it feels lightweight, is easy to apply and is the right colour for their skin. Even more – 52 per cent – defined premium foundation as making their skin look flawless, and 45 per cent define natural foundation as using natural/organic ingredients and being eco-friendly. Results that correspond to the priorities of Australian women, says Roy Morgan Research, with over 33 per cent looking for skincare and makeup with proven benefits.

A strong point-of-difference for the new Flawless Liquid Foundation is the use of bamboo powder. It has soft focus properties to improve the skin’s appearance, says Papon.

“Other key ingredients that are good for the skin are skin-softening baobab fruit extract, antioxidant-rich lilly pilly and kakadu plum, a potent source of Vitamin C. Four natural actives with a proven affinity with the skin”. According to Roy Morgan Research, 46 per cent of Australian women now want cruelty-free beauty products, up from 41 per cent in 2012. Even more importantly, it has become the third most significant attribute women are looking for in skincare and makeup, demoting sun protection to fourth place. Of Australia’s 10 bestselling cosmetics brands, only Nude by Nature is widely known for its cruelty-free policies. Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation naturally ticks that box, too, says Papon. “Women don’t have to compromise their principles when choosing a top-performing foundation. The new foundation is PETA-approved and cruelty-free”. 


Foundation is one of the most profitable beauty products from a cost-of-goods aspect. A new range doesn’t need constant shade changes to be up-to-date. But a central theme for any foundation is providing a customer with a matching skin tone that enhances, not hides her natural look. Nine out of 10 Australian women prefer full coverage foundations, says Papon, but that doesn’t mean a product should look mask-like. “In Australia, Flawless Liquid Foundation is available in 10 shades, but overseas we are launching a 20-strong shade range”.

The satin matte finish is a breakthrough for an all-natural foundation and so is the packaging of Flawless Liquid Foundation. The unique positioning extends to the heavy, misted glass bottle and three quarter-length rose gold cap to deliver a very prestige effect, says Papon. “Loyal and potential customers will be attracted by the luxurious look. The new product will also debut in most of Nude by Nature’s leading export markets – France, Germany, the UK and Austria – and also in emerging markets”. The spotlight might be on the foundation, but the complementary concealer seals the deal. The creamy texture which also has a satin matte finish is beautiful, says Papon. “Women can use it as a corrector or concealer for dark circles and imperfections. It comes in five matching shades and is packaged in a slimline rose gold tube”. Nude by Nature expects the Flawless Liquid Foundation to become a pillar product, says Papon. “To further stimulate trial, we are inaugurating a large-scale sampling program of sachets and blister pack trios which offer multiple shade variants. The two products will be available through our major stockists, including Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Myer, Target, Big W and selected pharmacies, to entice shoppers. The campaign is different to anything we’ve done and has a strong emotional appeal. We expect to build a lot of traffic and create excitement around the Flawless Liquid Foundation. Once you build traffic, sales go up. It goes hand-in-hand”. 


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