The beauty industry is abuzz with excitement over the myriad benefits of cold, offering solutions to enhance radiance, firmness, and combat concerns such as puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, and dilated pores. Riding the wave of last year’s ‘ice globe’ craze, cold-based beauty practices have taken social media by storm, captivating audiences and garnering attention from numerous brands.

In the midst of this cold-centric beauty movement, influencers have become ambassadors of beauty tips that integrate the effects of cold with well-known skincare ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber, and even coconut water. Among the brands leading the charge in this trend is the renowned Australian skincare brand, freezeframe.

Freezeframe, known for delivering clinically proven results, is making headlines once again with the introduction of its revolutionary product – the 48 Hour Wrinkle Freeze Ice-Roller Mask. This latest addition to their lineup establishes a fresh category, combining cutting-edge technology with a built-in ice roller to deliver up to 82 per cent smoother skin in just 30 minutes.

The activation was at Pitt Street Mall, Sydney.

The eagerly awaited sampling activation of the 48 Hour Wrinkle Freeze recently took place at the bustling Pitt Street Mall, strategically located in front of Myer. The event drew a crowd of intrigued Sydneysiders, eager to experience the transformative effects of this innovative product. Attendees expressed their enthusiasm, creating an electric atmosphere, and sought more information about the 48 Hour Wrinkle Freeze.

Christy Au, Global Sales and Partnership Manager at Self Care Corporation, spoke exclusively with Retail Beauty, stating: “We were thrilled to see a large turnout of people enjoying and inquiring about the 48 Hour Wrinkle Freeze. The atmosphere was bustling, and everyone absolutely loved it!”

The 48 Hour Wrinkle Freeze is not just a mask; it’s a part treatment mask and part cryotherapy with a patented ice-roller mask. It enhances the effects of a mask treatment while providing an instant depuffing and circulation-boosting massage. Whether used as a prep mask for an instant radiance boost or incorporated two to three times a week for long-term wrinkle smoothing, the product promises versatility in beauty routines.

freezeframe founder Sonia Amoroso chats to an interested consumer at the activation.

Established in 2009 by the award-winning beauty entrepreneur Sonia Amoroso, freezeframe remains dedicated to tackling the most challenging beauty concerns. As the brand approaches its 15th anniversary in 2024, it continues to innovate and leave an indelible mark in the dynamic beauty landscape.

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