Words by Elisabeth King

Frostbland is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year and its longevity is testament to Uri Ferster’s helicopter view of the beauty industry, determination and success in building strong and lasting relationships with key brands.

The company held a party to acknowledge the achievements of this leading beauty companies.

Elisabeth King chatted with Uri for an interview in the October print of esprit magazine Australia.

Here’s a snippet from that conversation.

Uri Ferster stepped aside from the role of Managing Director of Frostbland, one of Australia’s leading distribution and marketing companies in the beauty and health space, earlier this year. But in his new role as Executive Chairman, his hand is still on the tiller and he now has more time to plan development strategies for the company he took over 25 years ago.

Our main aim is to be a one-stop shop, says Ferster. “We do all the functions for brands from sales and marketing to logistics and finance. There have been many new brand launches over the past five years and we are approached on a daily basis. We take a longterm view and look for brands with a unique POD which will go the distance. I want Frostbland to keep growing and reach its 100th anniversary and beyond”.

Frostbland ships more than seven million units of health and beauty products a year, representing such on-trend brands as Bondi Sands, Ardell, Lanolips, Alya Skincare and stalwarts including Sebamed and Elizabeth Arden fragrances. “Before it was bought out by Church & Dwight, one of our biggest successes was Batiste dry shampoo, says Ferster. “The brand still owns the category and the relationship really underlined our expertise as a one-stop shop. We really built up the brand’s profile and secured a significant amount of shelf space”.

Ferster remains just as passionate about the beauty industry as he was 25 years ago. “I love everything about it because it’s so dynamic. When I entered the business, we didn’t even have an Internet connection in the office and just look how digital and social media have transformed the entire industry. There’s so much more still to come and look forward to”.

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