In a move that highlights her prowess in the beauty and health industry, Gabrielle Tully, Head of Marketing for Priceline Pharmacy, has embarked on a new chapter within Wesfarmers Health.

Gabby will now extend her expertise to encompass communications, PR, and event activities for the comprehensive Wesfarmers Health portfolio.

Wesfarmers Health stands as a major player in the health and beauty sector, boasting an impressive lineup of brands that includes Priceline Pharmacy, Soul Pattinson, Pharmacist Advice, Instant Scripts, and mediaesthetics entities such as Clearskincare Clinics and Silk Laser Clinics.

In this role, Gabby will bring her wealth of experience to curate and execute communication strategies for the broader Wesfarmers Health business.

With a track record of success at Priceline, she will continue steering the ship for Priceline PR, ensuring the brand’s presence remains dynamic and impactful.

Speaking exclusively with Retail Beauty, Gabby said she was excited to take on the new role.

“I’m excited about going back to my PR roots. This role gives me the best of both worlds: continuing to manage Priceline PR while extending my reach across the broader Wesfarmers Health business.”

Gabby’s illustrious career is marked by numerous achievements, with a standout moment being the inception of ‘The Beauty Prescription LIVE’ several years ago.  As Gabby assumes her expanded role within Wesfarmers Health, the industry eagerly anticipates the creative and strategic endeavours she will lead.

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