Garnier ambassador and environmentalist, Laura Wells.

Garnier is encouraging all Australians to play their part in keeping their local coastal and waterways clean in the lead up to International Coastal Clean Up Day.

Held on September 19, organised events are not being held this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However,  Garnier is encouraging individuals to clean up their local waterways and neighbourhoods, where social distancing is possible.

 Garnier ambassador and environmentalist, Laura Wells, shared her top tips on how everyone could play a part in looking after their local waterways. 

1. Get outside more often, be curious and explore your surroundings. The closer you get to nature the more connected you will be to our planet and the more you will want to do to protect it!

2. Beaches and waterways can be exposed so it’s really important to be aware of your surroundings. Always tell someone where you are going.  Be mindful of tidal and weather conditions, wear appropriate clothing (including a facemask), stay hydrated with a reusable drink bottle and ensure sun protection by wearing a hat and marine-friendly sunscreen. 

3. When packing your bag for your day out, pack handy reusable items as well. A cutlery set, tupperware container and coffee cup, along with your water bottle, will ensure you can reduce your plastic footprint when buying snacks or takeout to refuel 

4. Document the trash that you collect!  Ocean Conservancy’s Clean Swell app will allow you to document and share your cleanup efforts. Clean Swell tracks each item of rubbish that you collect, this information is instantly loaded to Ocean Conservancy’s global ocean trash database and provides insights to researchers and policy makers to help them identify trends and inform solutions. Download the APP here and also share your clean-up on social #CleanOn 

5. Take a reusable collection bag with you and protect your hands from sharp items such as fishing hooks and broken glass with a sturdy pair of gloves and be sure to wash your hands really well once you’re done. Never pick up anything that you’re not comfortable with and be sure to notify your local Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) if you find anything

Through a global partnership with Ocean Conservancy, an NGO working against ocean plastic, Garnier is collaborating to highlight the importance of cleaning oceans and beaches through the NGO’s Trash Free Seas Alliance.

Last year, Garnier mobilised employees all over the world, collecting a staggering 6.8 tonnes of waste to help fight ocean plastic.

According to Ocean Conservancy, every year, eight million metric tonnes of plastics enter the world’s oceans on top of the estimated 150 million metric tonnes that currently circulates the marine environment. 

This year Garnier has committed to ‘Green Beauty’, an initiative that aims to radically reduce the beauty brand’s environmental impact by 2025.

It includes a commitment that by 2025 Garnier will use zero virgin plastic in all packaging, saving 37,000 tonnes of plastic every year. 

Garnier general manager, Consumer Products Division, Geoff Bellingham said Garnier was taking major steps towards becoming a more environmentally conscious and sustainable brand.

“We are thrilled that we have already transformed not only our products but practices in ingredient sourcing, packaging as well as partnering with organisations such as Ocean Conservancy who are aligned with our desire for a more sustainable future,” he said.

“Plastic in our oceans is a major issue and we need to work together to drive positive change. We plan to use our voice and influence to educate and encourage consumers to collect plastic from the world’s beaches and waterways at every opportunity.”

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