Hair Building Fibres | Available in 9 shades | From $35.95 - $119.95

The day, the look, the outfit, the success, for a woman everything begins with her hair. It’s an integral part of a woman’s femininity. Great looking hair is important. After our skin, the lustre and quality of the hair is one of the most tell-tale signs of ageing. Researching through the various hair restorative options can be a slow and daunting process with such a plethora of options to choose from. The investment required and the time necessary will vary greatly depending on the option chosen. Where truly transformational results are required virtually instantaneously Toppik hair building fibres rise to the top as an affordable, easy-to-use, stress-free choice.

Church & Dwight has been operating in Australia since 1977. Recognising the importance of the hair loss trend, Church & Dwight set their sights on expansion into this space. In 2016/2017, two cornerstone brand acquisitions were made, from which to build the category: Toppik and Viviscal. The vision is to operate in this not-so-niche domain where Church & Dwight can bring its hair care expertise to life, investing in R&D, championing innovation, investing in sales and marketing.

Toppik hair building fibres instantly eliminate the appearance of thinning or fine hair. Fibres naturally blend undetectably with existing hair and resist wind, rain and perspiration

Toppik – Shaken not stirred!

Hair loss and thinning, while typically an issue associated with older men and older women, is now prevalent across all age groups and sexes. Both guys and girls say their confidence and self-esteem is affected by a perceived hair thinning issue.

Enter Toppik, the number 1 selling cosmetic hair fibre brand both globally and in Australia. Made from a natural Keratin, the fibres are magnetised with static energy to instantly bind with existing hair giving the appearance of a thicker, fuller head of hair. It literally takes a few seconds shaking the Toppik fibres onto thin partings and sparse sections. The result? Effectively concealing fine or thin hair, a visible part line, scalp show-through or targeting patchier hair loss and concealing male and female hair loss.

Toppik’s Helen Feeney tells esprit:

Our Toppik customers get a spring in their hair and their step in an instant. They are incredibly brand loyal.”

With the strategy to champion the hair loss as a category Church & Dwight states it is committed to invest in this space.

We are committed to growing the hair loss category through a combination of exciting innovation and marketing investment. Retail partnerships are critical to Toppik’s brand success.”



Hair Perfecting Duo | $37.95


Fibre Hold Spray | $19.95


For enquiries call 1800 222 099 or your C&D field force representative.

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