ghd has unveiled its latest masterpiece: the Colour Crush collection. This season, the brand invites everyone to ignite their bold spirit by incorporating a splash of colour into their hairstyling routine, promising limitless good hair days ahead.

The Colour Crush collection is characterised by its dynamic colour palette and cutting-edge technology, ensuring minimal heat damage. It includes the debut of a groundbreaking product—the limited edition Duet Style 2-in-1 hot air styler. Available in an array of electrifying shades such as Radiant Red, Elemental Blue, Apricot Crush, and Cyber Lime, this collection encourages users to express their main character energy with flair.

The Colour Crush Collection includes:

  • ghd Chronos Styler in Cyber Lime: A vibrant tool that comes with a heat-resistant case, priced at $475.
  • ghd Duet Style in Elemental Blue: This first-ever limited edition styler also includes a heat-resistant case, available for $605.
  • ghd Max Styler in Radiant Red: Add a touch of radiance with this styler, complete with a complimentary case, for $380.
  • ghd Gold Styler in Apricot Crush: Perfect your look with this styler, offered at $350 with a heat-resistant case.
  • ghd Helios Hairdryer in Cyber Lime: Complete with a stylish carrying bag, this hairdryer is priced at $360.

Each tool in the collection not only promises enhanced performance and style but also comes with complimentary accessories, making them perfect additions to any beauty arsenal.

ghd’s new collection is more than just about style; it’s about making a statement. With the Colour Crush collection, ghd continues its tradition of delivering professional-grade styling tools that cater to the aesthetic and functional needs of dynamic and style-conscious individuals.

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