Maybelline, the renowned New York-based cosmetic brand, has recently caught the eye of consumers with an imaginative and interactive mascara campaign in London.

 In a stroke of sheer genius, the L’Oréal-owned company adorned trains and buses with colossal eyelashes, which were met with giant mascara wands protruding from buildings and posters across the London Underground.


📣 All aboard the Sky High Mascara Express ✨🚄 After hitting the NYC Streets, we’re taking over London💂🇬🇧 We are on the move with #SkyHighMascara elevating your lash game to new heights🌤️ 🌇 it’s guaranteed to serve limitless lash length 📏 and full volume😍 #Maybelline

♬ original sound – Maybelline New York

A viral video showcasing this creative marketing stunt has quickly gained traction, amassing an impressive 217,000 views on TikTok and counting. The video opens with a tube train with enormous rubber lashes placed over the front window.

Accompanying the train is a large Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High advertisement, complete with a massive 3D mascara wand extending from it. As the train pulls into the station, the wand’s brush makes contact with the rubber lashes, resulting in an entertaining bouncing effect that delights onlookers.

The video then transitions to a double-decker bus adorned with large rubber lashes, also  positioned above its front window. The larger-than-life Sky High wand extends from a building, gently brushing against the lashes.

 Consumers have enthusiastically embraced the campaign, hailing it as “genius” and “the best thing ever.”

While the impact of the campaign on sales is yet to be determined, the marketing stunt has undeniably generated significant excitement among potential customers. However, there’s a surprising twist to these impressive stunts—they exist solely in the digital realm and do not have a physical presence.

Maybelline’s marketing team is the mastermind behind the video, skillfully blurring the line between reality and digital artistry.

Delphine Consigny, Marketing Director at Maybelline UK, explains that their goal was to create a disruptive marketing campaign that puts their mascara in the spotlight. By showcasing their product in a fun and imaginative way, they have successfully garnered attention and sparked conversations among consumers.

The collaboration with video artist Ian Padgham from California played a vital role in bringing this digital vision to life, creating content that surprises and engages viewers, leaving them questioning the authenticity of the campaign.

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