Gillette is one of the most valuable brands in the world.

Over its 115 year history, the Procter & Gamble (P&G) powerhouse has used depictions of its founder, King Camp Gillette, to promote its products.

 In later life, the inventor of the double-edged safety razor travelled extensively and was often recognised from his image on the company’s razor blades.

Many people were surprised to discover that he was a real person rather than a folksy marketing gimmick.

Mr Gillette also pioneered beard oils and washes.

So it seems natural that P&G is launching a new men’s grooming range, first in the US, aimed at the millions of men who have grown beards before and during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Billed as Gillette’s  first complete lineup of products and tools designed for men with facial hair, the seven SKU King C. Gillette range covers three categories – shave and edge, trim and care.

All men have their own grooming styles and rituals, says Gary Coombe, CEO, global grooming business for P&G.

“So we’ve put together all our years of shaving experience with the very best razor, hair and skincare technologies to create this full range of tools, accessories and care products. It’s the one-stop shop for grooming”.

The packaging is premium with a nod to heritage men’s brands.

Prices range from US$5.99 to US$29.99 and the lineup is initially available at Walgreens, the leading US drugstore chain.

The Shave and Edge trio are: a double edge safety razor, a shave and edge razor and transparent shave gel.

A cordless beard trimmer with three combs comprises the Trim category.

The core components of the Care SKUs are: daily beard and face wash, soft beard balm and beard oil.

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