Billions of disposable razors and razor cartridges are thrown out around the world every year. The plastics, metal alloy blades and more are very difficult to re-cycle.

Gillette, the global leader in the shaving category, has teamed with TerraCycle, the global waste management company, in Australia and other countries. But the responsibility is very much on consumers to do the right thing.

Both sexes are advised to collect a few months worth of razors and blades in a sturdy box, download a shipping label from TerraCycle and send the box for free through Australia Post. TerraCycle then separates all the component materials and re-purposes them.

Procter & Gamble (P&G), the parent company of Gillette, has gone one step further to reaching its goal to make Gillette’s packaging 100 per cent re-cyclable by 2030 with the launch of the Planet Kind shaving and skincare range.

To roll out initially in the US through Target stores and a dedicated website – planetkindby – the new lineup is a collaboration with Plastic Bank, a Canada-based social enterprise that enables commercial strategies to be implemented for profit for social and environmental outcomes.

Plastic Bank employs people in highly populated, developing countries such as Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines and Egypt to collect plastic in exchange for goods and services such as internet access and school tuition.

For every Planet Kind product purchased, Gillette will make a contribution to keep 10 plastic bottles out of the ocean,  with the goal of keeping 10 million bottles out of the world’s seas over the course of each year.

The handle of the brand’s razor is made of 60 per cent recycled plastic. The shave cream jar from infinitely recyclable aluminium and the moisturiser and face wash bottles from 85 per cent recycled plastic.

Prices range from US$7.99 to US$9.99 and the facial care products are free from parabens, alcohol, SLS sulfate and dyes.

Planet Kind makes it easier to incorporate eco-friendly choices into a shaving and skincare routine, said John Claughton, VP of North America Grooming for P&G.

 “We know consumers are looking for sustainable products that are kind to skin and don’t want to compromise on performance. Our Planet Kind products are designed with this in mind and are backed by a brand people already know and trust.”

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