Every woman knows that the two body parts that show age first are the hands and the neck.

The skin on the back of the hands is not only thin, it is also constantly exposed to the elements, subjected to rigorous tasks and often neglected.

The coronavirus crisis has exacerbated the daily pounding the hands have to deal with because of the increased amount of washing recommended for health reasons.

New data from market researcher Million Insights estimates that the global hand care market will reach US$16.9 billion by 2025.

A recent report from trend forecaster WGSN rubberstamps the prediction. Over the next two years, consumers will be seeking hand care products that deliver protective and moisturising benefits in one, says senior beauty analyst, Theresa Yee.

“Anti-bacterial formulas paired with skin-caring active ingredients to combat dry skin and maintain healthy and youthful hands will be key,” she notes.

Hydration will remain the most sought-after benefit, says WGSN.

But professional quality leave-on treatments, overnight masks, multi-sensorial textures, natural ingredients such as essential oils and aromatic scents that boost mood and help induce sleep will also be top of the wish list for global consumers.

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