The 100 per cent natural essential oil Go2 inhaler sticks have been formulated to help users to relax, fall asleep, focus and energise.

 The brainchild of UK brothers Marc Shipman, a former freestyle wrestler and entrepreneur, and Benjamin Shipman, the Go2 range of inhalers have been created in conjunction with aromatherapy experts, industry leaders and university researchers.

 “Having felt the strains of trying to juggle various aspects of my own life personally, from running a successful business to being there enough for my family, I couldn’t have discovered essential oils at a better time,” Marc said.

“We spent over two years extensively researching essentials oils and perfecting our blends to ensure that we could provide an easy and affordable solution that works.”

 The Go2 Essential Oils Range include:

FOCUS…YOU GOT THIS: Helps clarity and concentration. The FOCUS inhaler , and lime to naturally uplift the body and mind. Try it before a test or at school, use at work, or keep it handbag or bookbag ready.

ENERGY…LIVE LIFE: Formulated to support performance, whether it’s for sports or just a plain old recharge. The ENERGY inhaler features eucalyptus to uplift and promote clear breathing, peppermint to stimulate and aid focus, and lemongrass to combat feelings of fatigue. Try it before a workout, sports match, or just to kick off the day with a boost.

 B.CALM…AND BREATH: Promote inner peace and feel the tension melt away. The B.CALM inhaler features cardamon to promote feelings of calmness and warmth, lavender to relax and soothe the body and mind, bergamot to promote inner calm, and sweet orange to deeply relax and promote wellbeing. Try keeping it in the car for tense traffic moments or use it at the office or home when stress hits.

SLEEP…NIGHT NIGHT: This innovative inhaler stick is for those who want to naturally promote sleep with ease. The SLEEP inhaler combines lavender to relax and soothe the body and mind, red mandarin to support restful sleep, and frankincense to promote a sense of inner peace and contentment. Perfect for everyday use or try packing it along on holidays and airplane journeys.

The GO2 range inhalers are available now at an RRP of $9.95 from selected pharmacies and online.

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