Grandiflora owner Saskia Havekes and Sydney Art Quartet artistic director James Beck.

A multi-sensory, live concert event was held in a private ballroom in Woollahra for the premiere launch in Sydney of Grandiflora’s new fragrance, Saskia.

Saskia is the sixth and final fragrance in the collection, following on from Madagascan Jasmine, Boronia, Magnolia Sandrine, Magnolia Michel and Queen of the Night.

The fragrance is named after Grandiflora’s owner,  Saskia Havekes, who has owned and run her cult ‘flower cave’ for 25 years in Sydney’s Potts Point.

The fragrance centres around Saskia’s favourite flower, Gardenia, and in addition is inspired by the signature scent of the flower cave, which Saskia and her busy team have created via their work with their carefully curated selection of plants and flowers found within.

The fragrance is by French perfumer Christopher Laudamiel and contains Australian ingredients; kunzea, myrtle and boronia leaf, along with lavender, all sourced in Tasmania,  supporting the local farmers and distilleries. Also in the notes is ginger, violet leaves, pink pepper, water hyacinth, flower shop accord, petrichor, ylang ylang, mimosa, immortelle and oakmoss.

Saskia and her team created spellbinding greenery installations for the event to add to the immersive atmosphere where the Sydney Art Quartet played beautiful pieces of music.

The event was a preview of the quartet’s ‘Remember Me’, celebrating latest Grandiflora fragrance and also premiering a new composition by Elena-Kats Cherin, which honoured Saskia.

The quarter included Thibaud Pavlovic-Hobba and Anna Albert on violin, Meagan Turner on guest viola, and the  quartet’s artistic director, James Beck, on cello.

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