The National Face Designer for Giorgio Armani shares his creative and career advice, as well his best insider beauty tips and tricks.

How did you get into makeup?

When I was younger I was always so in awe of my mum and aunts applying their makeup. Seeing them play with colour and the confidence they embodied always felt so magical to me. When I moved to Sydney I started playing with makeup myself; leaning into that creative expression and bringing out that inner confidence in myself. Now I love to share that confidence and creativity with others.

Where did you learn your skills?

I studied a Diploma in Specialist Makeup Services in Sydney over a decade ago. I wanted to explore the many facets of the makeup industry from special effects to bridal beauty – not quite sure where I would land. Over the years I’ve fallen in love with hosting beauty events in the retail space as well as creating fashion-inspired looks for shoots and the runway.

What does a typical day look like?

Every day is so different – that’s why I love it! I am very fortunate in my career to have had many opportunities to travel and meet amazing creative people. One week I am shooting some local brand content, followed by hosting a beauty masterclass; and the next week I am attending a L’Oréal event and coaching our team in store to help improve their artistry skills. No two weeks are ever the same – the joy of being an artist!

How did you start working for L’Oréal?

I began my career with L’Oréal back in 2017 as NSW state makeup artist at YSL Beauty. Over the years I have had some amazing opportunities to work with many of the L’Oréal brands.

Most rewarding part of the job?

100 per cent sharing tips and tricks! Going home at the end of the day knowing I have inspired someone to get creative or shared a tip that helps them feel more confident in their beauty routine still gives me that warm fuzzy feeling all these years later.

If you weren’t in beauty, where would we find you?

I was recently asked this question and honestly have absolutely no idea where I would be if I had not fallen in love with makeup. When I was growing up I really wanted to be a zoo keeper and had a fascination with animals so maybe you would find me at the zoo.

Your beauty icon?

Wow, great question. Pat McGrath is a huge standout for me on the global stage. I also love listening to Giorgio Armani International Makeup Artist Linda Cantello; the way Linda talks about texture, colour and artistry always leaves me feeling inspired to get creative.

Your advice to budding makeup artists?

Practice and play; it is the best way to learn. When I first started working in beauty I loved to try lots of different combinations and would always try the colours that everyone else moved away from. Working in retail also gave me the opportunity to work with so many different clients.

Your go-to Autumn beauty look?

I love a tonal monochromatic look for Autumn. Utilising the same colour on the lip and cheek for a soft flushed look. One of my go to products is Armani Beauty Lip Maestro; the velvet texture blends beautifully into the cheek. Some great Autumn shades of lip maestro are 206, 500 and 501.

One product you couldn’t live without?

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation of course! I keep it stocked up in my makeup kit as well as in my personal beauty bag.  I find it really easy to work with and the finish really emulates the lit from within glow. From everyday makeup to bridal glam – it is hands down my makeup must have.

The worst makeup faux pas?

People with dry skin using lots of powder! Keep your skin nice and hydrated and ease up on the powder – especially in dry skin areas.

Your top makeup tips?

Take some time to prep the skin and ensure the skin is nice and hydrated before we pick up that foundation. I also love to use a small amount of concealer on a fluffy brush right at the end to brighten the under eyes.

This feature was first published in the Autumn issue of Retail Beauty.

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