Mecca has hosted its dreamy Mecca Maison to showcase the latest fragrances hitting the shelves over the coming weeks.

Wandering through the bloom-filled rooms of Parterre in Woollahra, esprit Magazine spoke with brand representatives and beauty advisors about the newest scents. From perfumed accessories to exclusive ‘Mecca only’ activations, there was plenty to see and smell.

Continue reading for esprit’s comprehensive wrap-up on all things fragrance at Mecca. 

Floral Street

Electric Rhubarb EDP 50ml | $109.00 (Available 1st October 2019)

Floral Street – one of the more playful fragrance brands to live on the shelves of Mecca – is releasing its ninth perfume in October.

Electric Rhubarb has top notes of rhubarb and gardenia along with bergamot, frangipani, jasmine sambac and sandalwood (Australian Sandalwood, that is – opposed to the over-harvested Indian Sandalwood).

Kate Mitchell, Global Training Manager for Floral Street, says Electric Rhubarb is unusual as few fragrances include notes of rhubarb.

Floral Street has partnered with the Royal Horticultural Society for the launch as the fragrance takes inspiration from their National Collection of rhubarb held at Wisley in Surrey.

The English founder of Floral Street Michelle Feeney says: “Flowers have long been our main inspiration, so we are thrilled to be partnering with the RHS. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring together our expertise in creating fragrances and the horticultural skills of Britain’s leading gardening charity.”

While its origin lies in the streets of London (literally, Floral Street in Covent Garden was the inspiration behind the name), the British brand has gained traction in an Australian market due to its fun scents, sustainable packaging and purse-friendly pricing.

“Aussie girls love the sweet and floral scent of Peony Wonderland, while the British gravitate towards the deeper fragrances,” says Kate.


Paris-based Diptyque has explored new ways to wear perfume with the Prêts-à-Parfumer Collection.

Prêts-à-Parfumer translates to “ready-to-perfume”.  The collection includes perfumed stickers, brooches and bracelets designed to be worn rather than applied to the skin. This gives users new options to play with both fragrance and style.

Available in Mecca now.


Replica is adding a new moment to their fragrance library with Springtime in a Park.

Springtime in a Park invites the wearer to take an olfactory stroll through the subtle aqueous and fruity opening notes of pear, bergamot and blackcurrant.

Replica by Maison Margiela is known for its range of thought evoking fragrances.

Available in Mecca now.


The newest fragrance from Swedish-brand Byredo captures the rite-of-passage moment for both girls and boys before they metamorphose into women and men.

A recurring theme in niche perfumery is the lack of gender. Fragrances are designed to be enjoyed and worn by both males and females, and Slow Dance is no exception. It’s a scent which mixes the ideas of masculine and feminine through top notes of opoponax and a base of vanilla.

Available in Mecca now.

Buly 1803

Mecca Cosmetica is the first Australian bricks-and-mortar to carry the luxury apothecary brand, Buly 1803. It’s the only place where you’ll find an edited selection of the 800 Buly products.

In October, they will carry its latest launch: Double Pommade Concrète. The rich balm has antibacterial and soothing properties making it perfect for dry hands. It’s formulated with a light and fresh scent to not overpower other fragrances the user may wear.

Other Buly products available at Mecca include its perfumes, which do not contain any alcohol. The flagship store in Paris is known for handwriting each perfume label in calligraphy.

Double Pommade Concrete  $61.00 | Available 1st October

Le Labo

Le Labo Tabac 28 (Miami) and Bigarade 18 (Japan) | 50ml $470.00, 100ml $718.00

For September, Mecca customers can purchase any of the fragrances from Le Labo City Exclusives in selected stores across Australia

City Exclusives fragrances are usually only available for purchase in their corresponding city. For example, Tubereuse 40 can only be bought from Le Labo boutiques in New York.

Between 1 September and 30 September, consumers can purchase any of the 13 original scents in the range including the new Tabac 28 (Miami) and Bigarade 18 (Japan) fragrances. No plane ticket needed!

Bigarade 18 is inspired by co-founder Eddie Roschi’s childhood upbringing in Repulse Bay in Hong Kong. Described as a classical but contemporary fragrance, there are citrus, floral and woody notes.

Tabac 28 (Miami) pays homage to the Cuban culture of Miami. Picture the city of Havana distilled, with notes of rum rounded-out with green cardamom.

Le Labo City Exclusives available from  1 September to 30 September.

Frédéric Malle

The ‘spine’ of De Parfums Lipstick Rose

Frédéric Malle has reunited with Master Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena after fifteen years to create Rose & Cuir.

Rose & Cuir is a bright and airy interpretation of the classic rose scent.

Global Key Account Manager Thomas Vilbert says Frédéric Malle takes a unique approach to fragrance as it does not put strict limitations on their perfumers.

He notes the packaging of De Parfums collection is designed to appear like a book. The title (name of the fragrance), author (perfumer), and edition (manufacturer) are all featured on the ‘spine’ of the box. This concept leans into the idea that fragrance is more about the story than the scent.

Feature image courtesy of @meccacosmetica

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