Hismile founders, Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic, have made a name for themselves as pioneers in the teeth whitening market.

 Now, they’re taking their mission a step further, aiming to revolutionise the industry by introducing a unique concept in ‘smile care’.

Hismile recently unveiled its latest product – SmileStika – which allows consumers to “style their smile” with temporary tooth tattoos.

SmileStika comes in five packs, each with its own unique designs: Flower, Fun, Fruit, Mixed Gem, and Fast Food.

The application process is straightforward – the water-activated adhesive transfers the design onto the tooth, which stays in place for up to 12 hours and can be removed with brushing the teeth.

Nik shared his excitement about the SmileStika innovation, stating: “SmileStika is the latest innovation in smile care. We believe our customers want to express themselves, and SmileStika provides them with that opportunity. We’re bridging the world of fashion with smile care, and we believe it will be a huge hit with our customers. Our plan is to launch a sticker for everyone, catering to diverse tastes and styles.”

To celebrate the SmileStika launch, Hismile hosted a ‘Smile Bar’  in Sydney on Pitt St, where skilled gem artists were on hand to help apply SmileStikas with precision.

Images from the launch below. Photos: Jack Owen Bennett.

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