Danielle Gardiner and Antoinette Bekos.

Identifying a gap in the market for a compact, customisable, and sustainable solution for makeup enthusiasts, Australian makeup artists Danielle Gardiner and Antoinette Bekos have introduced the Touch-Up Kit (TUK).

Designed to be as thin as an iPhone, TUK fits into everyday bags, replacing multiple bulky makeup products. The palette allows users to customise their selection, with seven pans available for complexion creams, multi creams, bronzer, brow powders, highlighters, and lip balms—all formulated with premium ingredients to celebrate natural beauty.

With over 30 years of combined experience in makeup, the duo developed the palette to simplify beauty routines after observing confusion among clients overwhelmed by makeup options. Their online platform offers virtual consultations for colour matching and pre-set palettes for those familiar with their shade and preferred products.

“Over my 15-plus years in the industry, I’ve learned that people seek makeup services not just for the initial look, but for the ease of maintaining it throughout the day,” Danielle said.

“Brides, in particular, are often concerned about how their makeup will hold up on their wedding day. This concern, coupled with the need for on-the-go solutions, was a driving force behind the creation of our product. As a busy mother of three daughters myself, I understand the juggling act of managing household duties while trying to look put together. There have been countless occasions when I’ve found myself applying makeup in the car, trying to make the most of every moment.”

Danielle said with the goal of simplifying the beauty ritual, TUK was “born out of a desire to make makeup a delightful experience – easy, convenient, and tailored to celebrate individuality without overwhelming complexity”.

“It’s about empowering everyone to embrace and enhance the features they love with simple techniques,” she said.

Co-founder Antoinette emphasised, “We believe confidence should be as portable as your makeup. By simplifying beauty routines and reducing clutter, TUK ensures you’re ready for any touch-ups, whether it is a quick refresh or complete makeup transformation.”

Made with the planet in mind, the refillable design minimises waste with interchangeable pans available from $27, with one palette designed to last a lifetime. All products are cruelty-free and vegan, besides the lip balm that features natural beeswax.

To celebrate the launch, Danielle and Antoinette held a morning makeup masterclass at Ace Hotel, where they demonstrated on Melanie Burnicle how to use the kit, while guests touched up their own makeup.

Images from the launch event below. Photography: Lauren Trompp.

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